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Frequently Asked Questions

The Classroom

What curriculum is used?

Our curriculum is based on units of study, such as Nutrition, Farms or Animals in Winter.  Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music and crafts will all be included within the unit. Our goals and daily lesson plans are developed to include the Early Learning Standards of the State of Ohio.

How many children in a classroom?

A four year old or Pre-K classroom usually has 20 students with two teachers in the classroom at all times.

A three year old classroom typically has 15 students with two teachers in the classroom at all times.

When will I know my child’s classroom and teacher?

You will be contacted by your child’s teacher sometime after August 20. At that time you will be given your classroom assignment. 

When will school begin and end?

If your child is attending school M. W, F or is in Pre-K, then he/she will begin school on the Wednesday after Labor Day.

If your child is attending school Tuesday/Thursday, then he/she will begin school the Thursday after Labor Day.

School will end the week before Memorial Day.

You will be provided with a calendar that will list all days off.

What does my child’s first day of school look like?

On your child’s first day of school you will stay with him/her. It will be a shortened session and you will be attending with half the class. This will provide your child the opportunity to become familiar with the classroom and his/her teacher with the comfort of you nearby. You will also receive important paperwork from your child’s teacher that will need to be completed at that time. Your teacher will assign the time you attend. You will attend with your child for one session and a "normal" classroom session will occur on the next scheduled class day.

How do I communicate with my teacher or the office?

We are excited to use a platform called Brightwheel at the preschool.  This allows you to communicate with your teacher and the office easily through a message.  Brightwheel also allows the teacher to send short videos and pictures to you of your child's day. A printed monthly calendar will be sent home with your child that will highlight the units of study, color days, days of the week and other important dates to remember. The calendar and other important information (payment reminders, supplies needs, etc.) will also be on the website. Phone calls are the best way to communicate with the office.


How do I pay tuition?

All tuition payments are made electronically through the Brightwheel platform.  It is secure and easy to use..

When do I pay tuition?

Your first tuition payment (along with the registration fee) is due when you register your child.  You will receive an invoice in Brightwheel after your registration is approved.

Monthly tuition payments begin in August and continue through March.  They are due on the first of every month and considered late after the seventh of the month.  A late charge will be applied if your payment is not received by the seventh.

Why do I make payments before my child begins school?

Your child will be in school for nine months and you will make a total of nine payments. You will not make a payment in April or May. 

Enrollment Forms and Medicals

What forms need to be completed before my child can attend preschool?

You will need to complete and return the 1.)Child Enrollment and Health Information Form and the 2.) Family and Person History Form to the office within two weeks of registration. A staff member will also need to see a copy of your child’s birth certificate, which may be uploaded through Brightwheel once you are enrolled


Your child’s medical form will need to:

Be signed by your doctor and dated with your child’s last well-child visit.

Be on file in the office one month after your child’s first day of school

Be updated annually (your teacher will remind you and provide you with a new form)

If your child’s medical form expires he/she will not be able to attend until a new one is provided

All these forms may be found on our website or on Brightwheel (after you have enrolled).  We will need a paper copy of all forms.  If you do not have access to  a printer, please let the office know and they will make arrangements for you to get a printed form.

Other Questions

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Yes, all children should be potty-trained before beginning school. Please talk to the office if you are concerned.

What does my child need for school?

Your child will need a book bag (large enough to hold a 9x12 piece of paper) and a water bottle (thermos).  Play clothes and a pair of closed-toe shoes are recommended for school wear.  We will get messy!